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Rail Software Development

We build and support bespoke enterprise software for centralised UK Rail Services provided by the Rail Delivery Group.

We're experts in the data and processes of UK Fares, Timetable, Routeing Guide, Reservations, Apportionment and Settlement.

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Experts in the data and processes of UK Fares, Timetable, Routeing Guide, Reservations, Apportionment and Settlement.

Specialist in AWS Technologies

Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito, ECS, SQS, SES, Cloudwatch

AWS Architecture

Experience with architectural patterns of large, high scale web services applications on a Java Enterprise Stack with a focus on performance availability and cost savings.


Implementation of best practices to ensure that applications are designed and implemented to the highest security standards. Accredited to ISO27001.

Systems Operations

Service Management of large-scale applications to the ITIL Framework.

Services built and supported for the Rail Delivery Group

PAYG/CPAY Converter

A service that processes Oyster and Contactless Payment transactions, apportioning the National Rail revenue from TfL revenue and creating aggregated SDCI+ transactions that are batch processed into the RDG LENNON settlement system.

The managed service processes over 300 million journeys and £750 million in revenue annually.

Retail Control Service (RCS)

RCS provides interoperable functionality to enable Ticketing Issuing Systems and Journey Planners to determine the flows on which a ticket may be used for travel using smart and barcode fulfilment methods.

Tap and travel ticket machines.

Data Transformation and Distribution Service (DTD)

The DTD is a Data hub for integration and distribution of reference data (fares, timetable, Routeing Guide and other feeds) to Ticket Issuing Systems and Journey Planners.

Routeing Guide Service

A Service to manage the Routeing Guide rules using a geographical user interface.

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Manual Entry Console (MEC)

MEC is a web based platform for the entry and submission of transactions to LENNON and the Settlement Service. These are selected transactions that cannot be generated automatically by Ticket Issuing Systems.

Label and Reporting Service (LARS)

Provides rail station printing of all UK seat reservation labels, electronic seat labels and other reservation reports through a JSON interface to the S3 Reservation System.

Rail Staff Travel Back Office

System used to manage all UK Rail Staff discounted travel.

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