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The smart solution for automated delay repay claim assessment on UK Rail

iBlocks smartREPAY is an innovative solution that provides a flexible, reliable and highly available approach to decreasing the costs of managing Delay Repay claims for UK rail operators.

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Proven technology

smartREPAY has been in live operation across multiple train operators for more than half a decade and processes over 50% of all submitted claims in the industry. During this time smartREPAY has proficiently dealt with strikes, emergency timetables and additional compensation schemes.

smartREPAY uses multiple sources of industry data to validate the submitted details, verify the ticket and journey, and then calculate the eligible delay, all the while evaluating for potential fraud, to arrive at the claim decision.

Key Features

smartREPAY has been designed as a flexible solution offering a range of integrations from a full end-to-end Delay Repay solution to just plugging in the necessary parts to meet your business requirements.

Passengers can submit their claims via our dedicated, streamlined customer portal or should you prefer via your own/ 3rd party website pages.

Using multiple sources of industry data our assessment engine accurately calculates a passenger’s delay, checks their ticket, applies rigorous fraud checks and then decides upon the claim outcome. When an outcome isn’t clear, smartREPAY will push the claim through our built-in CRM to handle the agent workflow interaction. Alternatively, using our built-in hooks to 3rd party CRM providers the agent interaction can seamlessly be handled by your existing suppliers using our claim expertise.

With links into smartTIS, you can not only support your Account Based Ticketing roll-out but also ensure that your passengers receive accurate automated delay repay claims for their smart card travel.

Whatever level of integration you choose, you can expect our solution to provide accurate, fast and automated decisions for your passengers Delay Repay submissions.

Customer Portal

smartREPAY offers an innovative account-based approach to provide an optimal claim submission user experience. Key features are:

  • Mobile optimised
  • Multi-leg historical journey planner
  • Branded according to TOC
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Minimised data entry
  • Supports guest and account-based claims
  • QR code ticket entry
  • Appeal submissions
  • Pluggable – option to use 3rd-Party provider for web site
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Customer Service Portal

The smartREPAY portal for customer services provides an intuitive interface to claim management to ensure claims are processed as efficiently as possible. Key features are:

  • Scanned Claim Entry
  • Historical Departure Board
  • Workflow management
  • Guided entry for claim decisions
  • Fraud flags clearly identify at risk claims
  • Split screen view for simultaneous view and entry
  • Multiple tiers of user authority
  • Pluggable – option to use 3rd-Party CRM for Workflow & tasks
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Assessment Engine

The smartREPAY assessment engine aims to provide the most accurate decision from the information available in an automated way and where manual intervention is required providing the agent with as much detail as possible. Key features are:

  • Rules-based assessment engine
  • Supports DR15 & DR30 via configuration
  • Minimum of 5 sources of train data for validation
  • Supported multiple legs on different transport types
  • Ticket details automatically cross-checked against sales, smartcards, QR code and routeing guide rules
  • Extensive fraud checks
  • Supports assessing claims against an emergency timetable
  • Human readable explanation of journey calculations
  • Supports setting Exceptional Travel Rules
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smartREPAY will handle the customer communications and payments back to the customer with the assurance of multiple checks at each stage of the claim. Key features are:

  • Supports multiple customer payment methods including National Rail Vouchers, card payments, BACS, etc…
  • Option to review high-value claim payments and set a QA threshold for agent training
  • Option to group payment into batches for managing the payment approval process
  • Emails automatically sent to keep customers in the loop
  • Generation of letters to the customer
  • Provides reporting across all aspects of the claim lifecycle
  • Automatically export claims to the responsible operator
  • Pluggable – option to use 3rd-Party for communications and payment fulfilment
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Over the last 5 years, smartREPAY has processed over 7,500,000 Delay Repay claims – saving TOCs an estimated £8.3m whilst providing an accurate and fast service to the passenger.