Tap and travel ticket machine.

Accelerating rail passenger revenue growth in a post Covid world via smart ticketing

The UK's leading PAYG smart ticketing solution for passengers and operators.

  • 30m journeys to date across rail and bus
  • 20% of UK rail stations already covered
  • Proven technology - already live with GTR (KeyGo) and SWR (Tap2Go)
  • RDG accredited
  • Scalable / deployable across other TOC and regions
  • Token agnostic
  • Paperless
  • Flexible Season Tickets
  • Off-Peak Season Tickets
  • Carnet Type Tickets
  • Multi-Modal
  • Automated Delay Repay
  • ITSO Smart Card
  • EMV/Contactless
  • Mobile

Proven Account Based Ticketing Solution

Our service already operates Pay As You Go (PAYG) travel across 20% of UK rail stations with over 30 million passenger journeys across both rail and bus. We are the only RDG accredited PAYG solution on the UK rail network. Our products and services deliver the key PAYG objectives set out in the Williams Shapps review, as they enable generative revenue growth and cost savings, and they modernise the customer experience for post Covid passenger behaviours.

Tap and Travel Best Value

Travel using contactless EMV, ITSO smart card or mobile device and receive the best value fare for the journeys made. Includes management of discount status and concessionary travel. Automated delay repay detection / payment.

Multi-Modal Support

Support travel on all modes with cross modal capping and zonal models. Integrate with active travel providers to incentivise greener travel. Our open APIs allow integration with all modes and with different depths of integration.

Revenue Collection

Frictionless pre or post travel revenue collection system. RDG accredited for rail settlement and interoperability. Integration with revenue inspection devices and automated fraud detection.

Analytical Reporting

Understand passenger travel across your network. Drill down to the individual vehicle level to assess service loading or review station dwell and interchange times. Review and compare impact of fare changes on customer behaviour and revenue.

iBlocks ticketing solution on a computer screen.

The iBlocks account based ticketing solution offers a flexible multi-modal, tap and travel system with a best fare guarantee.

smartTIS account based ticketing

How our account based ticketing solution works

Best Value Journey Engine

Building customer trust is an essential part of a PAYG solution. Our best value journey engine ensures that we offer the best available fare for journeys made. The engine considers thousands of fare combinations to determine the best value fare for the day or weeks travel.

Payment services

Payment collection and revenue management are facilitated through connections to PCI-DSS compliant payment service providers. We can work with your existing payment services supplier or offer alternative options.

Customer Portal / App

Customers have access to a secure online account management portal to provide a view of journey details, travel spend and auto top-up transactions. Customers can clearly see which journeys are covered by their season or prepaid tickets and which are chargeable to their Pay As You Go account.

Data Analytics

Operators have access to passenger behaviour intelligence through either iBlocks data analytics or through exports to a data warehouse / lake. Data collected provides a deep understanding of customer travel and the impact of timetable or fare changes on customer behaviour.